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We produce several types of olive oil

Extra virgin conventional olive oil

Fine-quality extra virgin Edia olive oil, from Koroneiki cultivar, is produced in Deliana, Kolymvari, Chania. It is a fresh, daily extracted, cold-pressed olive oil, of 0.3 acidity and part of it is produced from green olives. It has a unique aroma and a rich flavor. Edia olive oil is different from the rest in the market because of the soil
where our olive trees grow, the microclimate in Deliana, as well as the unique methods of its organized cultivation. It is ideal for any kind of culinary use.

Wild olive oil

This high quality virgin olive oil Edia is produced in Deliana, Kolimbari, Chania, from indigenous wild olive trees of indeterminate age. The trees are located in a remote area, so the olives are harvested by hand. The product of the green wild olives is harvested early between 4 and 30 October.
Extraction takes place four hours aſter harvesting and has an acidity of 0,3. Part of the rich phenolic composition of Edia oil consists of oleocanthal and oleoacetane, which studies have shown to have cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties. At the same time, these phenols are remarkably effective against Alzheimer’s disease. It has a rich taste and a spicy, bitter aſtertaste with unique properties. Limided production.

Premium organic extra virgin olive oil

This premium-quality, organic, extra virgin Edia olive oil is produced in Deliana, Kolymvari. The green, highly premature olives are harvested between 4th and 15th October.

The extraction takes place four hours after harvesting, making this olive oil rich in polyphenols, ω3 and ω6 fats. Its acidity during extraction is 0.2 degrees and it has a unique aroma with a strong and spicy flavor. What is more, it has a number of antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a unique product of organized organic cultivation, due to the green olive’s low contents in oil. Every single drop of our premium Edia olive oil stands for our dedication in sustainable organic farming and our exceptional production quality.

Early Harvest olive oil (Agourelaio)

The fine quality, fresh green olive oil of Edias comes from yellow-green olives of the Koroneiki variety in the area of Deliana in Kolymbari and is harvested early, between 4 and 15 October. It is cold-pressed eight hours aſter harvesting, making it rich in polyphenols, which are found under the olive skin, with an acidity of 0,3 degrees. It has an intense flavour with a strong aroma and a spicy aſtertaste. It is packaged in a limited number of bottles using the sedimentation method so that it can retain all its valuable ingredients.

Organic olive oil

Our Edia organic virgin olive oil is produced in Deliana, Kolymvari, Chania. The crop of yellow and green Koroneiki cultivar olives is prematurely harvested between 4th and 30th October.
It gets cold pressed eight hours aſter harvesting. Rich in polyphenols and vitamins, with a golden green color, it has a soſt flavor and a spicy, bitter aſtertaste.
It is a unique product of organized organic cultivation.

Number Three

Fine-quality virgin olive oil from the Deliana region in Kolymvari. Three different olive varieties (koroneiki, tsounati and wild olives) are prematurely harvested, between 15th and 30th October, in an altitude of 450m. It is rich in polyphenols, about 800Mgr/kgr, as it is gets cold pressed with an acidity of 0.3. Its distinctive nature, along with the particularities of its harvesting make this olive oil a unique product of limited production. Its intense, deep green color, rich aromas and strong taste make it ideal for salads and fish. It is a present everyone should offer themselves and their health.


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